Chi Chi Rodriguez
"David Lee might be the greatest teacher that ever lived."

Jack Nicklaus
"From what I have seen, I believe the teaching method you have developed could be applied with great benefit to all level of golfers, and I am happy to give it my personal endorsement and full support."

Lee Trevino
"David Lee would be the only guy I trust... The only reason I played well (at the PGA) is because of him.”

Brian Peterson, Golfweek
"Lee's theory of Gravity the method Nicklaus - knowingly or not - has employed throughout his career."

John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E.
"After watching the first two videos, I was able to completely change my tension-filled swing approach on the first swing. I am now making by far the best and most consistent ball contact of my life with a fraction of the physical effort." ...John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E.

George Hibbard.
"Your instruction, your knowledge, your turning on the lights in your session... will always be, one of the great milestones of my life."

Jim Plunkett - Lecanto, Florida
The only way these drills will not make you a better golfer is if you don't have the courage to do them. No one will swing like Danny but the physics involved in any swing are the same. Swing in concert with the physical laws of nature like these drills encourage you to do. Your swing will improve. - Jim Plunkett - Lecanto, Florida

Jim McKinon Buffalo, NY
This is the best method. I used be be just about sure to three putt from 30 feet on out....way short, or just freak and blast it way past the hole. Now I can feel comfortable at 30 feet, knowing if I don't hole it, my next putt won't be a knee-knocker. Lots of tap-in pars, and making birdie putts is no longer so rare. Thank you David for Gravity Putting on the arc! Peace on the greens, instead of terror. - Jim McKinon - Buffalo, NY

Danah Horton - Columbus, OH
Danny: Thank you for all your time this weekend. As I was telling you at the end of the day on Sunday, you never know when you put your money down on something if it is going to be worth it. I can say with 100% conviction that the three days and money spent was more than worth it. The time you spent with us individually was outstanding. Plus it really helps to see how other people in our group adapt to the concepts. Keep up the good work!

Donnie O. - Houston, TX
I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome the Gravity Golf clinic was....Danny showed me how to build my golf swing, through the proper practice and drilIs. The ability to practice what you want to learn, without reverting to old habits, is easy once you have the right practice routine. Thanks again Danny for your great insight (and patience)! I recommend this clinic to all. I also had the opportunity to play a round with Danny....watching him execute his teachings was very inspiring (can't wait to get there), not only a great instructor, but also a top notch player! Donnie O. - Houston, TX